Özgün Öztürk, Legal Counsel

Legal Counsel || LL.M. Candidate at TU Dresden in Intellectual Property Law || Focus on IT&IP law, Data protection, Contract law and Sports law



A young professional who is curious, always eager for new experiences, who can lose himself while dealing with the subjects he enjoys.

Has 4 years of experience running a law firm in Turkey in various fields like property law, criminal law, family law, commercial litigations and enforcement law, and also sports law. In its first three years, the firm provided legal services in 18 criminal cases, 47 civil cases, 3 cases against the administration and more than 50 enforcement proceedings. In addition, the firm has acted as counsel and advisor on behalf of footballers, sports clubs and managers in sports arbitration proceedings.

Recently focus on Intellectual property-related contracts, such as Content licence agreements, IP Assignment Agreements, and Licence Rights. Also, emerging problems in the EU-US Data protection framework, such as EU-US Data Transfers.

Eager to work on Data Protection Law, Intellectual Property law and entertainment law, especially in Sports, Media, Music, and Game industries.

Deep interest in Blockchain technology, NFT and Metaverse, Video Games, and E-sports universe

Özgün Öztürk

Focus Fields

- Kamulaştırma davaları
- Kamulaştırmasız el atmadan kaynaklanan tazminat davaları
- El atmanın Önlenmesi davaları
- Tapu tescilinin iptali davaları
- İmar Planının İptali Davası

Taşınmaz Hukuku

- Kıymetli evrak bedelinin tahsili
- Şirketlere hukuki danışmanlık
- İcra ihaleleri ve diğer kamu ihaleleri
- Ticari sözleşmelerin hazırlanması
- Start-up Hukuku

Ticaret Hukuku

- Futbolcu Alacaklarının tahsili
- Futbol ve basketbol kulüplerine hukuki danışmanlık
- Profesyonel Futbolcuların sözleşmeleri hakkında hukuki danışmanlık

Spor Hukuku


Mail       : avozgunozturk@outlook.com